Greetings from the school

Welcome to the Universal Chinese School a division of Universal Advance Academy. The earliest Chinese language school in Fraser Valley of BC Canada, it founded in Surrey in 1991. We are a leader in the field on being a vital institution in cultural exchange.

UAA/UCS has prepared students to navigate the interconnected world they will inherit. We have created a challenging educational program which provides our students the Chinese Language skill along with the academic skills and core social emotional competencies. We envision our students and parents who can move comfortably and confidently between languages and cultures no matter what careers and avocations they pursue. It is our commitment to foster this capability.

We believe that what students learn to value will drive their behaviors through and beyond school, propelling them to globally-engaged citizenship well into adulthood. Therefore, if our vision interests you, we encourage you to visit our school and get to know us better. Familiarize yourself with our educational programs and the group of talented, dedicated and creative students, educators, parents and friends who comprise our inclusive community.

With strategic partnerships with Hua Xia Multiculture Society, we provide our programs and services via six school campuses and online network to everyone in our community. The main schools are in Surrey and Langley. The others are located in Langley City, Fraser Heights, White Rock/South Surrey, North Vancouver and West Vancouver.

欢迎, a regional weekly Chinese language school meets the demands and challenges of the global society in British Columbia of Canada.

Nola Young

[email protected]


UAA/UCS 为学生准备好在他们将要继承的互联世界中导航。我们创建了一个具有挑战性的教育计划,为我们的学生提供中文技能以及学术技能和核心社会情感能力。我们设想我们的学生和家长能够舒适和自信地在语言和文化之间漫游,无论他们追求什么样的职业和使命。我们承诺培养这一能力。



Welcome! 在加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚省一所区域性中文学校,去满足这里全球化社会的需求和挑战。

杨诺拉 校长