Mandarin Programs

Mandarin Programs

We believe if knowledge is power, wisdom is your choice to use that power

Knowledge comes from an academic environment where students are challenged to work hard toward a standard of excellence in order to reach their fullest potential. Wisdom comes from maturity of both spiritual and emotional.

Our purpose is simply to transform students as they learn, through dynamic cycles of inquiry, action and reflection in our schools.  

Successful Mandarin learning compose of motivated learners and experienced and patient native instructors. With relevant academic and cultural training, we establish a relaxed yet rigorous learning environment suited to the needs of all level learners.

普通话课程 Chinese Language Courses for K to G12

It is our policy of the Chinese Language programs that assigning student to in appropriate courses to their existing level of ability. Students can learn and develop their language proficiency to a higher level with the same pace. To meet the special needs of students of diverse backgrounds, we currently offer regular K, G1 to G12 on all levels of language and literature courses and optional intensive courses by ages or proficiency level.

Here are some of the sample courses of our main track for all levels courses.

Mandarin Chinese Entry Levels

In this beginning class, students acquire a basic practical knowledge of Chinese. The phonetic nature of Chinese makes for rapid mastery of pronunciation and correct tones. Teachers conduct class in Chinese as much as possible but also use English to bridge instruction and clarify difficult points. It is an important steps to ensure the entry level learning experience.

We introduce from a handful Chinese characters to approx to 450-500, the basic Chinese grammar and sentence patterns step by step per lesson. Our Teachers’ explanation and discussion of Traditional and modern Chinese culture is an ongoing process throughout the courses.

For example, by the end of the G1-G3 classes, students will know how to introduce themselves and greet others. Others are such as count numbers from zero to a million, tell times and dates, discuss hobbies and daily routines, and write brief dialogues.

Mandarin Chinese Intermediate Levels

The intermediate courses between G4 to G6 indtruce basic grammar, expressions to improve students competences in spoken Mandarin and modern written Chinese. An Intermediate course for learners will mastering more complex language and its structure. The accumulated vocabulary will reach from 500 to 1000 Chinese characters, words and phrase.

特殊课程 Special Series & Online Courses

The many native LMS models of online course development devalues learning experience. Our instructor-led online course is really a true alternative to offline learning with physical classrooms in our campuses. We proud to provide the on-going basis innovation and improvement to all our programs. It is the best approach to meet the your challenges in the pandemic and post-pandemic learning environment.

We also offer special courses for Cantonese speakers or non-native Mandarin speakers who have a different level of Chinese literacy. Typically featured or customized courses would be great fit those needs.

Intensive Courses 加强班

During the pandemic COVID-19 environment, we offer customized online course from September 2020 to June 2021 for special time/day and level. Our highly customized class with systematic approaching helps parents who choose homeschooling for great flexibility in the greater vancouver area.

Intensive Courses focus on extending core teaching and learning time in schools. We offer Intensive Courses for Selective Grades for our Main campus in Surrey & Langley First campus.

Fun Series Courses 趣味系列

“Fun Pinyin 趣味拼音” 趣味系列之一

The online only course known as “Fun Pinyin (趣味拼音)” a choice for additional effects and make significant change in your mandarin pronunciation. It is designed for whether you are native speaker or other dialect or non-Mandarin speaker. The course is not substitute to any offline classroom. However it is an important area especially of the language for who do not speak mandarin at home on daily basis. “Pronunciation – Pinyin” is an integral component of overcall Mandarin listening and speaking skills in addition to reading and writing.

“Mastering Stroke & Mnemonics Chinese Characters 活用笔画,巧记汉字” 趣味系列之二

The special online course “Mastering Stroke & Mnemonics Chinese Characters 活用笔画,巧记汉字” is also not substitute to any offline class. It offers an unique approach to provide the methodology to recognize and to memorize Chinese Characters for vocabulary building. Chinese characters are the system of symbols used to write Chinese. Let students no longer writing Chinese characters as an obstacle, but become an interest in learning.

Advanced Series Courses 高级系列

“Chinese Writing Class 中文写作班” 高级系列之一

We launch an Online Chinese Writing class to develop students’ writing skills and how to writing a good article. The teachers will demonstrate how to write a good composition of statement norms, correct rhetoric, clear logic, and true feelings. As we are in the New Media age, where children are good at writing, no matter what their future careers are, writing will be an important skill to master for their success in life.

“Advanced Conversation” 高级系列之二

Advanced Conversation is a continuing class for adult students. They possess advanced proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking Chinese by maintain and improve their language skills in the structured program set up.

The ability to speak Mandarin Chinese is an unbeatable advantage for anyone looking to do business with Mandarin (Chinese Official Language). Communicating in functional Mandarin is achievable within a reasonable amount of time, and can have a critical impact on your own personal, or your business success.

Speaking Mandarin can break down barriers, improve relationships. It gives you a much more authentic experience with interacting with native Chinese speakers for business or for leisure.