An integrated Chinese Language Institute for All Canadians

Founded in September 1991, Universal Chinese School has been in operation for 30 years and is the largest Mandarin school in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Universal Chinese School focuses on teaching Mandarin, Pinyin and Simplified Chinese Characters. The textbook is published from China written specifically for the oversea students to receive a formal and systematic education in Chinese language. We offer a dual-track program and provide all levels classes from Kindergarten (5+ years old), Grade 1 to Grade 12, provincial Challenge Test and Oral Conversation for adult. The courses provided are suitable for both Mandarin or non Mandarin speakers learning Chinese as the second language.

Mandarin (Chinese Language) is the most widely-spoken language, and is the native tongue of nearly a billion residents on earth. For centuries the most advanced empire on earth, China and its language have been shaping the fields of science, medicine, technology, and music since the early days of civilization. But you live now, in the present, and Chinese is as relevant now as it has ever been. With its economy is one of the world’s largest, students, employers, and professionals are flocking to classrooms to learn Mandarin.

We encourage our students to learn how to demonstrate respect for themselves and others, developing international-mindedness by working with others for a shared purpose and taking positive action for change. Our Mandarin school is actively involved in activities and events in the Chinese community as well as in larger society to promote the understanding of Chinese heritage and culture, and to contribute to the cultural diversity in the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland in British Columbia, Canada. 

环球中文学校成立于1991年9月,至今已运作了30年,是菲沙河谷地区最早最大的中文学校。 学校的老师都富有丰富的教学经验和爱心,使用最有效的教材及教法,配合BC省中文课程及中文挑战考试题材,采用简体字教学和繁体字对照,并使用世界通用的汉语拼音辅助—英文字母代表的拼音法,补充教材大多取自于日常生活,使在加拿大生长的学生,易于接受及学习,成效最高! 本校招收五岁以上从幼儿园至十二年级的学生,按照个人程度分班。 同时开办成人口语课程。提供作为第二语言中文课程,适合讲普通话或非普通话的人学习。

普通话(中文)是使用最广泛的语言,是地球上近十亿居民的母语。 自文明诞生以来就一直在各个领域包括哲学和文化,中国及其语言一直在地球上维持着先进的帝国和其影响力。 现在,中文与以往一样重要。 中国经济目前是第二大经济体,学生,雇主和专业人士正涌向教室学习普通话(中文)。

我们鼓励学生学习如何表现出对自己和他人的尊重,通过与他人合作以达到共同的目的并采取积极行动来改变自己,从而发展国际意识。 环球中文学校积极参与华人社区以及整个社会的活动和活动,以增进对中国传统文化的理解,并为加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚省的大温哥华地区和低陆平原地区的文化多样性做出贡献。

New Student Registration


** New Updates 2021-2022 **

Welcome to our school new updates! With outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), our next school year 2021-2022 will be slowly adopted the transition into face-2-face interactive & online courses or mix-mode with cautious for all classes. Per BC government and Heath Authorities, we will start with online ONLY and shifting to offline LATER. We also accept NEW students under the “new normal” while seeking online/offline mixed during this period.

Currently we are roll outing new innovation programs with additional online only options for the new school year. please check out Course and schedule page frequently between January-June 2021 for any new update. 目前,我们正在推出新课程,以及新的线上和线下体验,提供更多的选项。请关注学校日历,课程安排。

Our School Year is divided into two (2) terms. Open for registration NOW with exception for certain campuses and grades! Please complete the application for admission for any NEW student. Registration will be confirmed by the school administration. Upon acceptance, then please hand-over/mail/email your form with payment.

2021 – 2022 学年, 分两个学期。我校新学年注册现在开始, 任何新生必须填写入学申请。由学校行政部门确认报名注册(个别校区个别年级除外)。接受注册后,请安排学费的支付等事宜。

Campus and Schedule


To combine of internet technology with live virtual online class and tradition classroom is the answer to the 2021-2022 the first semester which start September 2021 . We are closely observe the new development of all school districts, private schools’ implementation on how use of our campus facilities in BC, Canada. Safety measure is still the number one of our practice.

Here is the list of the first school open days TBD for the fall in September 2021. 按照线上和线下综合课程的计划,一月开学的日期如下。

Saturday September TBD, 9:30 AM-11:30 AM, 9月开学 上课时间: 星期六 上午9:30-11:30
Saturday September TBD, 1:30PM – 3:30 PM, 9月开学上课时间: 星期六 下午1:30-3:30
Tuesday September TBD, 6:00 PM-8:00 PM, 9月开学上课时间: 星期二 下午6:00-8:00
Wednesday September TBD, 4:00 PM-6:00 PM, 9月开学上课时间: 星期三 下午4:00-6:00
Thursday September TBD, 6:00 PM-8:00 PM, 9月开学上课时间: 星期四 下午6:00-8:00

Our September 2021 classes will be online ONLY. October 2021 to January 2022 to be adjusted partially resuming the traditional/offline operation per suggestions by the government heath authority and local community feedbacks.

There is a current outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease. This outbreak has been classified as a global pandemic. HXMS and UAA’s Mandarin courses online will remain as the replacement to our all schools and campus until it has passed. For mixed online with in-person class model, we offer Mandarin Courses Online and Offline integrated learning experience without “in-person meeting” at this time. 目前冠状病毒(COVID-19)疫情下,华夏多元文化协会和环球中文学校的网络中文(普通话)课程已成为我们学校各校区的主要教学渠道。

兰里第二校区 Langley Second Campus
20686 84 Ave, Langley City (Yorkson Creek Middle School)
6:00 PM-8:00 PM (Thursday), 上课时间: 星期四 下午6:00-8:00

兰里 Langley First Campus
7755 202A St, Langley City (Peter Ewart Middle School)
1:30PM – 3:30 PM (Saturday), 上课时间: 星期六 下午1:30-3:30

素里总校 Surrey Fleetwood Main Campus (K至十二年级)
16065 – 88 Avenue, Surrey(St. Matthew’s Elementary School)
9:30 AM-11:30 AM (Saturday), 上课时间: 星期六 上午9:30-11:30

台湾村 Surrey Fraser Heights Campus
16060-108 Avenue, Surrey(Fraser Heights Secondary)
6:00 PM-8:00 PM (Tuesday), 上课时间: 星期二 下午6:00-8:00

白石南素里 White Rock – South Surrey Campus
1785 148 St, Surrey(Semiahmoo Secondary School)
4:00 PM-6:00 PM(Wednesday), 上课时间: 星期三 下午4:00-6:00

北岸新校区 North Shore Campus(北温 North Vancouver & 西温 West Vancouver)
1860 Sutherland Ave, North Vancouver (Sutherland Secondary School)
5:30 PM-7:30 PM (Thursday), 上课时间: 星期四 下午5:30-7:30

For more information on school registration (注册) and school calendar (校历), please click here 请点击注册详情。

If you have any question, please call (询问电话):
Nola Young (楊校长) 604-782-9207 and/or 604-787-9207 or Let our administration and students service representatives to contact you.