School Life

There are ongoing opportunities for parents to volunteer in our schools. In fact, volunteering is an excellent way for parents to become more directly involved in their children’s education.

We make every effort to create a school life environment that is safe and serves the needs of the whole child. To serve the well-being of every student, UAA created the team of professionals supervise the safety and security of all students on all campuses. From the halls to the lunchroom, to welcoming new students, with helpful and attentive attitude and skill sets.

What’s more, the students desire to learn and grow is palpable. Not only are children and adults hungry for learning Chinese Language Mandarin, they’re fully engaged when it comes to culture expression, traditional craft and Calligraphy.

Welcome to our StudentWorks, Gallery and The Summer!

Parents Getting Involved

If you have a child in our school, talk often with your child’s teachers. Parents are encouraged to go to the parent-teacher open house typically held once or twice a year. You can also go to school meetings and volunteer in the school. Your children will sometimes bring home letters and notices from school. Make sure you read them to know what is happening at our school. There are also parent groups in schools that come together to help our school activities. Each campus has unique volunteer needs; contact the principal at your children’s campus​ to learn what opportunities are available to you.